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Sleeping Bag, Mummy, Middle Zip

Price: $175.00

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The Military Bag is a modern version of the original design that the military used during the Korean War; a center zip bag. A center zip bag is actually the best design for military application. When soldiers are in a combat zone they do not have the time to strip down and therefore they sleep in their clothing. In the event of an attack while sleeping, exiting their sleeping bag as quickly as possible becomes paramount. The Wiggy version of a sleeping bag and bivi bag provides the easiest access from a sleeping bag while giving the greatest comfort.

The bag is fitted with our exclusive break-a-way zipper. All one needs to do is run the zipper ½ inch up and the top slider comes off of one tooth track and the teeth simply separate as fast as you can move them apart. The slider is a locking slider so when you are sleeping comfortably and are not unnecessarily awakened it will not run back causing you to suddenly awaken from cold air settling down on you through the opening allowed by the zipper being open. This is very important since it can not happen with a side zip bag. There is a bottom slider that will allow venting from the foot area if necessary. The sleeping bag is fitted with a generous; wide draft flap behind the zipper.

There are two rows of snaps, one on each side of the zipper. One row is male snaps and the other female snaps. They have two purposes; one to allow the bag to be closed in the unlikely event the zipper where to break. I say unlikely because the zipper is the YKK # 10 molded tooth zipper that Wiggys has used for 22 years and we have had virtually no field failures; that means no failures while the person has been using their Wiggy bag. The second reason is for the bag to attach to the bivi bag.

The bivi bag is made without a zipper. It is made with snaps that off set those on the sleeping bag. One side is the male and the other female snap. In this manner the bivi bag can be closed if used by itself. There is a generous flap that covers the center of the bivi to keep out rain. The bivi connects to the sleeping bag with the snaps and does not impede the opening of the bag in a hurry if that becomes necessary.

The bag is a plus 25 degree model.
The size is our long wide only.
Colors available are:
Coyote Brown (2 Ply Rip Stop Nylon)
Olive Green (Nylon Taffeta)
Black (Nylon Taffeta)

Weight is 4 pounds.
Size (Inside Measurments):
Width: Chest-31 inches, Foot-22 inches
Length: 84 inches

COYOTE BROWN (2-Ply Rip Stop):
Weight: 3.70 lbs
Size (Inside Measurments):
Width: Chest-31 inches, Foot-22 inches
Length: 84 inches

This Bag Is Not Available In The 2 Bag System.

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